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Too often people simply hope for the best when they are unclear about what’s in a contract somebody wants them to sign. Unfortunately, more than half of all civil litigation in the U.S. stems from contract disputes. By having an attorney review your contract you will not only reduce the likelihood of a lawsuit, but you will be in a better position to perform the contract, reduce risks and probably negotiate more favorable terms. Even if you have an already-existing contract of any kind, an attorney can help you understand your contractual rights and obligations. has taken the guesswork out of the uncertainty of legal fees by negotiating simple, affordable flat-fee rates with its member law firms that want you as a client. Here’s a snapshot of benefits:

number1_20140102  Free Account – no monthly dues, no subscriptions or hidden fees; cancel anytime 
number2_20140102  Simple and affordable flat fee pricing for contract review and consultation by an attorney
number3_20140102  Fast, easy-to-use and intelligent resource for identifying risks and issues in contracts
number4_20131220  Member law firms in good standing with licensing authorities
number5_20131220  The choice to have a contract review is yours with no obligation to hire a law firm
number6_20131220  Convenient and secure online credit card payment
number7_20131220  Manage your contracts; your free account is also an effective contract management tool
number7_20131220  Attorney contract review reduces the likelihood of litigation
number7_20131220  Valuable peace of mind for potentially costly, troublesome or confusing contract situations

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