How it Works is an affordable method to have an attorney review and provide written analysis of a contract. Check out the Flat Fee Pricing to see how affordable it really is! The goal is for you to understand the contract better, manage risk, improve your bargaining position and enable you to negotiate better terms.


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There are no membership or subscription fees.  Use the service when you need it. Set up a free account. Upload your contract. Then, complete a brief intake form by answering a few questions about your contract. Next, select a law firm from the network of member law firms in the area of your choice. Once you’re done with that, send it off. Don’t forget, include the entire contract because every page has legal significance.

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Sign engagement letter and pay flat fee. Within two business days, an attorney from the law firm you selected will inform you via email if your contract is accepted for review. If accepted, sign the engagement letter provided by the law firm and pay the predetermined flat fee to the law firm through this website. If you’re in a time crunch, you can simply add a small rush fee.

number3_20140102 Check Your Email

Your written analysis will be sent via email from your selected law firm. The attorney will review your contract and provide legal analysis within the timeframe set forth in your engagement letter.

And that’s it!

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There are no membership or subscription fees.