Types of Contracts Reviewed

ReviewMyContract.com connects you with attorneys to review virtually any type of contract or commercial agreement. The contracts that users may upload are not limited to any specific subject matter. Common types of contracts include:

Partnership Agreement Contract

Real Estate Contracts
Real Estate Sales & Purchase Contracts
Residential Lease Agreements
Commercial Lease Agreements
Employment Contracts
Covenant not to Compete Agreements
Trade Secret Agreements
Non-disclosure Agreements
At-will Employment Contracts
Confidentiality Agreements
Business Contracts
Sale of Goods Contracts or Sales Contracts
Purchase Orders
Employee Agreements
Franchise Agreements
Purchase of a Business
Business Acquisition Agreements or Asset Purchase Agreements
Corporations and bylaws of corporations
Operating Agreements for a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Partnership Agreements Entertainment Agreements and Record Deals
Distribution Agreements
Exclusive Contracts
Representative Agreements
Supply Agreements
Construction Contracts
Licensing Contracts or Licensing Agreements
Technology Licensing
Click Wrap (“EULA”) Licenses
Music Licensing Agreements
License to use or Assignment of a Patent Agreement
Letters of Intent
International Contracts
Outsourcing Agreements
Service Agreements
Memorandums of Understanding
Settlement and Release Agreements
Agency Agreements
Consulting Agreements
Marketing or Advertising Agreements
Security Agreements

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