Construction contracts

What is a construction contract?

A construction contract is an agreement that clearly defines the work to be done, prices to be paid, and various terms and conditions for a construction project. It may also address other conditions and factors, such as the risks involved in the venture.

When an owner of property and a contractor engage in a construction contract, disputes may arise and the ways to resolve the dispute are usually defined by the terms of the construction contract, which outlines the obligations and duties of the contractor and the owner of the property.

Further, most importantly, the construction contract will typically provide for remedies if one of the parties does not perform as promised.

Should you consult an attorney about your construction contract?

It is always a good idea to have an attorney review a contract before you sign it. The attorney can review the document for any errors or unauthorized changes. Further, you may also wish to hire an attorney early on in the process so that they can help you draft a proper contract.

Construction contract laws vary by state, so an attorney might be needed for interpreting your state’s laws. Construction projects are usually subject to strict deadlines and time constraints. An attorney can help you review, draft, and negotiate the pertinent provisions of a construction contract.

Further, states have different lawsuit filing details, procedures and deadlines for a breach of a construction contract claim. An attorney can help a party conform to the applicable procedural rules and collect all the proper documents to prove a breach. An attorney may also help a contractor or subcontractor adhere to the strict deadlines for filing a mechanic’s lien.

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