Consulting agreements

What is a consulting agreement?

A consulting agreement specifies the terms and conditions of an engagement between a company and a consultant.

The agreement should specify the service to be provided, milestones (if applicable), the term of the agreement, and any payment due. If the consultant develops any intellectual property, inventions, improvements or concepts during the engagement, the contract should state which parties owns the work product.

Consulting agreements may explicitly state that the consultant is an independent contractor, and not an employee of the company.

Do you need an attorney to help review a consulting agreement?

Contract negotiations, especially in the context of important legal, financial and liability terms, can be complicated and difficult. An attorney can assist you with the review of your contract so your needs and requirements will be met.

Additionally, an attorney can help you with the initial and final draft and negotiation, and explain to you your duties under the contract. Hiring an attorney will help you secure your best interests throughout the entire contract process.

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