Non-disclosure agreements

What is a non-disclosure agreement?

A non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”) is entered into when one party or both parties to the agreement promise not to reveal any confidential information that the other is giving to them during the transaction.

This is commonly used in employment contracts, where the employee promises not to reveal any confidential information obtained during the course of employment to outside sources or competing businesses.

Generally, the purpose of the NDA is to establish a confidential relationship between the employer and the employee that can easily be proved in a court of law.

Do you need an attorney to help review a non-disclosure agreement?

It would be wise to have an attorney review a nondisclosure agreement to ensure that you understand potential risks. Oftentimes, attorneys will uncover non-standard requirements as part of these contracts which without the appropriate legal training, as a layman you would not have.

Your attorney can help interpret the nondisclosure agreement, assess risk, and find potential defenses as well as help you navigate through the legal procedure set out in the NDA.

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