Representative agreement

What is a representative agreement?

In many business partnerships, negotiations and transactions are often handled by representatives of the company.  This is very common when it comes to transactions between manufacturers and suppliers.

In such arrangements, the manufacturing company and the supplying company will assign representatives who will handle a variety of tasks together. In many cases, the representatives may choose to formalize their relationship through a representative agreement.

A representative agreement is basically a contract that covers many different business issues, such as disclosure and confidentiality, non-litigation clauses, and terms for negotiation. Representative agreements typically last only as long as the parties will be working together.

Do you need an attorney to help with a representative agreement?

Representative agreements may be beneficial for manufacturers and suppliers, and in some cases the agreement may even be necessary for the efficient operation of the partnership. If you need assistance with reviewing, drafting, modifying, or enforcing a representative agreement, you may wish to contact an attorney for advice. An attorney in your area can assist you with the agreement, and can represent you in court if legal action becomes necessary.

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