Sales of goods or sales contracts

What is a sales of goods or sales contract?

A sale of goods contract specifies the agreement between two parties when purchasing or selling goods. A sale of goods contract is formed when one party offers to sell or buy goods and the other party accepts the offer.

A sales contract is a contract for the sale and purchase of consumer goods. The term “Sales Contract” typically refers to the sale of goods that are ready for introduction into the general market, rather than the sale of services. Such contracts often involve the sale of products at certain quantities and prices.

Do you need an attorney to help review a sale of goods or sales contract?

First, the attorney can review the contract. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) governs sale of goods contracts. Transactions falling under the UCC (i.e. sale of goods contracts) do not follow typical contract law.

Sales contracts may sometimes be subject to various legal exceptions, especially if one or both of the parties are classified as merchants. An attorney can help with negotiating, drafting, and reviewing sale of goods or “UCC” contracts. Further, your attorney can also provide you with expert legal representation in a court of law if you need to file a civil lawsuit for breach of contract.

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